Recall Alerts

Houchens Food Group values the the health and safety of our customers.  In cooperation with the manufacturers, the list below details items that have been recently recalled. Once notified, Houchens Food Group promptly removes the item(s) from shelves in stores. For further information about recalls and safety warnings, please visit www.recalls.gov

June 3, 2022

Pedialyte Strawberry Lemonade Powder Recall For Product May Contain Wheat That Is Not Declared On The Label


Company Announcement Date: June 3, 2022

Product Type: Food & Beverages 

Reason for Announcement: May contain wheat that is not declared on the label.

Company Name: Abbott Labs

Brand Name: Pedialyte

Product Description: Drink Powder

UPC: 07007464174

Description: PEDIALYTE PWDR STWBR 6 CT 00001

Lot Code: 287112S00

May 20, 2022


Company Announcement Date: May 20, 2022

FDA Publish Date: May 20, 2022

Product Type: Food & Beverages

Reason for Announcement: Potential Salmonella Contamination

Company Name: The J. M. Smucker Co.

Brand Name: Jif®

Product Description: Select Jif® Peanut Butter products

Source: FDA


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May 13, 2022


Company Announcement Date: May 13, 2022

FDA Publish Date: May 13, 2022

Product Type: Food & Beverages Candy/Gum (without chocolate) Contaminants

Reason for Announcement: Possible presence of metal fragments.

Company Name: Mars Wrigley Confectionary US, LLC

Brand Name: Skittles, Starburst, Life Savers

Product Description: Gummies

Source: FDA

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